Nobody complains about a small powder room. In fact, it is great. A small guest bath is also not an issue but when it comes to the master bath, small is out of the question for most people and rightly so! It is not just inconvenient but also often may not even match with the grandeur of the rest of your living space. No realtor ever considered using a small bathroom as an up selling point. If you invested in a house that came with a bath that is a little less in the space department, some renovation is called for. Maybe the next time you start wondering if you should restyle your home with tile flooring, give a thought to rebooting the bathroom as well.

Talking about bathrooms, functionality is the topmost priority followed by aesthetics. Start thinking about the basics first. When it comes to rebooting your bathroom, it is only after you have taken care of the toilet, bathing area and the sink and faucet; ponder about the mirror design you want to be installed in your bath space. Why? Because you can’t do without these things in there.

Here are some tips that will surely come in handy when restyling your bath to give the illusion of a bigger space:

1. Try keeping everything of the same tone or color- Avoid going for contrasts. In other words, dark walls don’t gel well with light tiles or the other way around. This makes space seem smaller. If you are really looking for a contrast, turn your attention to other objects like the light fixtures or the cabinet.

2. Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls- This is more important if your ceiling has oddly shaped low areas. If the color is uniform, those unusual shapes will go away and space will expand visually. You may go a shade lighter if you have a flat ceiling.

3. Blend the color of your walls with your tiles- This is one of the simplest tricks in the book to make your bathroom look more spacious than it actually is. By blending the tile color with that of the wall, your bath will look like one large room.

Whether you want to restyle your home with tile flooring or just need rebooting the bathroom space, get in touch with Black and White Custom Homes. We will convert your living space into the dream home you have always wanted.