Planning to upgrade your kitchen? It is a huge financial commitment; you must ensure that when your remodeling contractors are finished, the result is nothing but mind-blowing. So, before diving into the world of remodeling, go through this blog post and save yourself some trouble by avoiding four most common and costly mistakes made by homeowners. A quick heads up, we are your go-to home remodeling contractors in Houston.

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1. Don’t waste space– Even if you have a generously spacious kitchen, having a compact step-saving work core is highly recommended. Would you like to walk a mile for making a meal? No, we guess! While doing that, be mindful of not creating a dead space within the kitchen. A good contractor will take care of this issue by styling your space efficiently. For instance, they may suggest adding a breakfast nook to elegantly use space.

2. Don’t go all out with the islands– As your trustworthy home remodeling contractors in Houston, we advise you against overloading and oversizing islands. If you have a big room, consider two islands instead of supersizing one! Anything longer than 10 feet will make it difficult to walk around the kitchen. If it is deeper than 4-5 feet, you may struggle to reach to the end. Ensure your island storage doesn’t extend beyond the countertop’s rim.

3. Don’t make the aisles too tight– Kitchen aisles should have enough width to accommodate everything that goes on in the space. While discussing remodeling with your contractor, ask for aisles that are at least 42-48 inches wide. Placement of key features, like sinks, may be offset to ensure two cooks don’t keep bumping into each-other.

4. Don’t overwhelm a small space– If your kitchen is a little tight in the space department, we recommend a small peninsula instead of an island. It is of utmost importance that you keep space in mind through each step of remodeling for best result. Rather than overwhelming a small sized kitchen, discuss different layout options with your contractor.

Bottom line

You want your kitchen to be beautiful, but isn’t it more important that it is functional? If you want the blend of functionality and beauty, hire an experienced contractor!

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