A bathroom renovation is a great way to not just elevate the look and functionality of the room but also to enhance the value of your entire house. Although, as it is with remodels and renovations of any kind, a bathroom renovation project can be quite the challenging task, especially because it is a space that needs to be a harmonious blend of a lot of things: design, convenience, functionality and maybe even a touch of luxury. You are required to make a myriad of decisions and choices. And not to mention the prices; they can be staggering. Amid all of this, homeowners inevitably end up committing some very common mistakes that prove to be costly in the long run.

1. Lack of proper planning
Planning is key with your bathroom renovation project, or any renovation project, for that matter. First, you need to map out your goals and then formulate a plan to achieve that. Do not leave even the smallest details like the color of the fixtures, out because that will affect the overall completion of the project. In addition to this, you must also plan the layout carefully because the last thing you would want is to sacrifice floor space just because you wanted a large vanity.

2. Overspending
No matter how many budget bathrooms remodel before and after photos, you try to take inspiration from, you are bound to be tempted to overspend. A realistic budget is very important. If you have a limited budget, ensure that all the aspects of the project stay within that. Overspending is to be avoided because that will mean that you will have to compromise something for the sake of the other and the final result will be nowhere near satisfactory. If you are still unsure about how to about it, we have spilled some of the secrets of affordable bathroom renovations.

3. Falling prey to trends
Let’s face it: bathroom renovation is an expensive affair, which means getting it redone every two or three years is completely impractical. This is why it imperative that the design and decor choices you make can endure through time. They need to be timeless so that after a while, they do not start to feel dated. Avoid opting for overly trendy designs. It is best to go for classic options such as neutral tones or monochrome over something as dramatic as all-pink or all-blue interiors.

Avoiding these mistakes will make sure that your bathroom remodeling project gets over like a breeze without you having to go through added stress and frustration.

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