“Home is where the heart is.”

Building your dream home requires a lot of meticulousness. Therefore, you must have the kind of contractors whom you can trust completely. They must understand your vision and ideas and efficiently implement them with a fast turnaround time; Black and White Construction does exactly that! We build green custom homes according to the design you have in mind. Green custom homes refer to the buildings we build using fewer natural resources. These custom homes are cost-effective and certainly a step towards conservation for a better future.

We believe that by building green custom homes we set a great example and do our bit in order to safeguard the environment. We try our best to keep our construction nature-friendly and at the same time ensuring that your dream home is delivered to you at the earliest. We have earned the reputation of being one of the best luxury home builders in Houston.
We intend to keep getting better by implementing the following characteristics of a green home:

  • Renewable energy technology
  • Reduced construction and demolition waste
  • Recycled content material
  • Good ventilation system for fresh and clean air indoors
  • Healthy and comfortable environment in and around the building

We believe in contributing towards the betterment of our clients, people associated with us and most importantly, conserving the environment by building green custom homes. We promise you prospects of healthier living, financial savings and the feeling of being responsible.

Black and White Construction is dedicated towards building your desired home.

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