Every individual dreams of living in a beautiful home that is the perfect representation of themselves. In order to transform this dream into a reality, people will invest their 100%, both in terms of effort and money. No matter how much effort they put into making their perfect dream come true, they often don’t succeed with the level of results they had wished for when trying to become their own general contractor. Even just today a family called me who tried to complete their home project without a general contractor and now they can’t pass the city inspections needed to get an occupancy permit. They finally realized how important it was to have a general contractor. A good general contractor will to take care of all the labor, Q.A, permitting issues and inspections, material sourcing and have the general knowledge of solid building practices. I wish the family would have hired a good general contractor because now they can not find anyone willing to fix the errors in their home that were created by others so that they can move in. It is a sad and common occurrence.

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