For most families, a home is the single most significant purchase they will ever make. It seems unfortunate, then, that so many families will purchase a mundane property that was designed for ‘the average family’ rather than for them and their specific needs. Self-building was a popular pursuit a couple of decades ago, but it is something that takes time and research, and that many people simply do not have the resources for. Even buying a property is a stressful undertaking. Building one is a higher challenge.

Custom Homes Made by Professional Builders
Purchasing a house made just for you by custom home builders is a compromise between moving in to an existing propery, and building your own home. Custom home builders have the expertise required to tell you whether your dream design would work as well as you think it would. In addition, they have an in-depth knowledge of planning permission, health and safety, building regulations and the other issues associated with building a property. They also have access to a wider range of suppliers, and can benefit from the economies of scale associated with buildnig for multiple people.

Individual Homes for Individual Lifestyles
Most homes have incredibly similar layouts – a kitchen, den and living area downstairs, with perhaps a small toilet. Upstairs bedrooms and toilets, and perhaps a small loft. The shape, size and layout of the rooms has been perfected over decades to suit the typical lifestyle. You may have reasons that lifestyle does not suit you. Perhaps you would prefer a much larger room downstairs for a personal gym. Perhaps you have an elderly, ailing relative who cannot use stairs, and would prefer a bedroom and bathroom just for them on the ground floor. There are many reasons that a standard layout may not suit your lifestyle and your specific needs. Custom homes do not have to be mansions – they could be a tiny ouse, or leaning towards that size – designed specifically to suit a small family. Whether your dream is to have a swimming pool in the garden, or a music room or photography production room soundproofed or light-sealed to perfection, a custom home could get you that for an affordable price. In many cases, there’s no need to build a home from scratch. Renovating an existing property is an affordable way to make a home that was build for someone else feel like it was designed just for you. Before you settle for the standard house layout, and try to shoehorn your belongings into something that wasn’t quite designed for them, give our team of home builders a call. You could get quite a surprise at how easy it is to build a property, and how much money you coulds save in the long term. You get the house you want, built to modern standards. The right size, with the latest energy efficient improvements and lower running costs too. Do it your way, and be happy.