Vanity mirrors are simply inescapable. Whether you spend minutes in your bathroom or an hour, you inadvertently catch yourself taking a quick glance without giving a second thought. This makes it a vital element of your bathroom. Apart from its functional uses, a mirror enhances the overall appeal of the bathroom. It’s crucial that when you consider a bath remodel in Houston, TX, you don’t ‘overlook’ the mirror you choose to install.

Mirrors come in a variety of styles and sizes. Here are few options you should consider:

1. Double Mirrors – For two vanities, you need two mirrors. You can hang one above each sink to make the space look symmetrical. Another way is to hang two mirrors over a long, single sink which will emphasize the wall behind.

2. Round Mirrors – Round mirrors are a classic choice and can still be suited to a contemporary bathroom. The round edges not only soften the sharp angles, but also add to the overall aesthetics of the overall space.

3. Lighted Mirrors – For a added bit of drama, opt for lighted mirrors. This type of mirror comes with built-in lighting, making them perfect for people who don’t like to miss even the minutest of the details. Also, when you look into the lighted mirror, you will always find something different.

4. Ornate Mirrors – Ornate mirrors are the great choice for people who love glamorous settings. Within this category you can opt for a range of luxury mirrors like: colorful mirrors, sculptural mirrors or antique ones. These mirrors tend to become a great focal point in the bathroom space.

5. Mirrored Wall – Not able to figure out which design or what size to pick? Skip this decision and mirror the entire wall. Additional benefit: Make your undersized bathroom feel twice the size and brighter.

Keep an open mind, and you can surely open up some beautiful views!

If you are looking forward to hiring a bathroom renovation contractor in Houston, TX to enhance the space and functionality, get in touch with Black and White Construction. We have a team of designers who can get you a bathroom just the way you like it.