Decorating your home is important. The right decorations and colors can drastically improve your mood. In fact, home decorating is something that people have been doing for centuries. If you’d like to know a bit more on the evolution of interior design, continue reading to discover some interesting facts that you might not have known:

  • Before homes ever existed, human beings lived in caves. Those who lived in the caves often decorated the walls by drawing different types of pictures on them. Some of the drawings were of the various types of plants and animals found in the wild.
  • Many of the different tribes were creative when it came to decorating their personal living spaces. They often used different things from nature to decorate their huts, including the branches from trees, the skin of different animals, and even assorted plants that were commonly found in the wilderness.
  • The Egyptians are known for using some of the most beautiful sculptures inside their homes. Along with unique sculptures, they’d often create some of their own vases, paint them with assorted colors, and then carefully place them in different rooms to hold some of their favorite plants and flowers in place.
  • The Greeks would enhance their own living spaces by painting the walls of their homes with stunning decorative pieces. These unique paintings added excitement, brightness, and lots of color to the homes. The Romans were known for adding decorative paintings to the walls of their homes, too.
  • During the industrial revolution, people started to have a bit more of an interest in interior design. Due to people having such a major interest in interior design, the different magazines that were out at the time started to produce publications with images of design ideas to inspire the people and give them ideas for their own homes.
  • Elsie De Wolfe was known for spreading the interest of interior design even further. The professional decorator made sure to have plenty of professional photos included in magazines so that all middle-class citizens could learn more about the process of interior decorating.
  • Artistic decorations became increasingly popular in the 1930’s. People preferred using these decorative pieces because they were modern, elegant, sophisticated, and unique.
  • When WWI was finally over, many people started traveling to other states and countries by plane. During their travels, they learned about different types of designs that were commonly used in households all around the world. Many people were inspired by the designs they were seeing while traveling and used that inspiration to decorate their own homes when they got back.
  • The love people have for interior design became even more prevalent in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Different types of home makeover shows taught people all about the art of interior design and inspired them to want to decorate their homes in different ways while using all kinds of decorative pieces.
  • Currently, the contemporary designs are a major hit. People love these designs because they can use pops of bright colors in combination with modern furniture and some fairly simple designs.
    The way people choose to decorate their personal living spaces has certainly evolved over time and will continue to evolve as people come up with new and interesting ways to decorate their homes. Some people prefer modern and contemporary styles while others prefer traditional and old-fashioned styles. There are plenty of ways to get inspiration for the interior design of your own home.