Traditional construction methods cause irreparable damage to the environment, whether through deforestation or debris dumping. The green building seeks to reduce such harmful effects by directing careful thought and consideration on the major aspects of the construction process, starting from the foundation of the structure to lighting and insulation. We must take a stand to reduce our carbon footprint and not destroy the ecosystem. Now more than ever, with the plethora of technology and knowledge at our disposal, we should not have any excuses for not being sustainable and environmentally conscious.

1. Do not build more than what you need
You may want to build a palatial residence for yourself but you mustn’t do. Your house shouldn’t be too big because then it will only waste more space and energy. Consider your lifestyle before you finalize the home design because that will give you the right idea of how much space you need.

2. Think ahead
Do you see yourself living in the same house at least for the next 30 years? If yes, you need to factor in the future into your design. Think about how your needs and requirements will change with time. Your house should ideally be prepared to accommodate your future lifestyle and needs.

3. Harness solar energy
You must choose the location and then design the house in a way that allows unobstructed use of solar energy. You can not only use the natural light to bring down your lighting costs and energy bills but also harness solar power to heat the rooms. This will help you lower your heating costs by eliminating the need for artificial heating.

4. Use environmentally-friendly building materials
At Black and White Construction, we strive to use as many eco-friendly materials as we can in the process of building a house. Starting from roofing to insulation to floors and cabinets, you must try to make use of materials that do not tax the environment. Recycled steel and reclaimed wood are some examples of such materials.

Deciding to build a green home can be seemingly simple, but it is not. Get in touch with us at Black and White Construction. We are green home builders in Houston and are committed to “creating and using healthier and more resource-efficient models of construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, and demolition.”