Here at Black & White Construction, where we’re proud to be considered one of the most affordable custom home builders Houston has to offer – we often find ourselves being asked about the differences between single and double glazed windows. Sure, there’s one major variation between the two types of window, and that’s the one uses one pane of glass and the other uses two, but is that all that there is to differentiate between the styles? Of course not! In fact, in this blog post we plan on covering a selection of differences that some of you might not have even considered. And if things go to plan, you might even find yourself reconsidering your options when it comes to the type that you’d like for your custom built home!



One of the main reasons why modern home owners opt for double glazing is because they can actually be more functional than single glazed alternatives. Because of the additional strength afforded by double panels of glass, it’s possible to have windows that open inward, outward, sideways, and even at particular angles. Single glazed windows on the other hand are a little less functional, but if you’re just keen to enjoy the fresh Houston air, then either type should do.

Insulation Potential

Now here’s a topic that has a clear and obvious winner – and that’s insulation. It’s no secret that one pane of glass will keep the wind out, but two can actually help to keep warm air inside as well. As both panes can reach their own temperature without having to touch one another, it can be possible to develop a comfortable internal atmosphere within a home, whilst allowing the external panel to keep cold winds at bay. And that’s something that single glazing can’t offer.


So far, double glazing certainly seems to be the favorite, but here’s where things might take a bit of a change. Single windows are more affordable than double panes – fact. As you might have guessed, this is because of less glass being used, less framework being required, and other similar factors. But if we’re honest, even double glazed windows can be quite affordable; especially when choosing our services, as we source our supplies from the most reliable (and affordable) providers out there.


The longevity is another factor worth considering, and the facts relating to both types of glass might actually surprise you where their durability is concerned. Yes, double glazing is often stronger than single panes. It’s also made from tempered glass in most cases, making it more likely to withstand damage and chips. But as the temperature between the two panels can fluctuate; blowing can occur. This isn’t an issue with single panels – but you might be at an increased risk of cracking, chips, and splits (unless you opt for tempered glass, which can be a bit more expensive). Have you ever found yourself wondering why the demand for double glazing has decreased over the past few years? Is there something that you’re missing, or is it just because glass tempering technologies have allowed single glazed windows to enjoy as much longevity as their double glazed counterparts? For this blog post our Houston custom home builders decided to get to grips with the key differences between the two types of windows.