The decision to get your house remodeled is a big one. We probably spend a couple of months weighing all ups and downs. So, it is only logical to hire the best contractor for the job. When a structural damage happens there isn’t much scope for contemplation but to find the right structural repair contractor for the job as soon as possible. Irrespective of whether you want to add a floor to your house or get a structural fault fixed, it is the contractor you pick that will make the difference! If you don’t want to deal with unnecessary stress and want quality work, do ask the following questions to all the contractors you meet before finalizing one.

Are you insured and licensed?

If a contractor doesn’t respond in affirmative, take him off the list. A license is an acknowledgment from the State that the contractor has a resounding knowledge of the job along with the required skill set. Legally, contractors must also be insured. This way if you get injured while on the job, your assets needn’t be put at risk.

What is the estimate and time frame?

You don’t need a daily schedule but your contractor should be able to give you a fair idea about the time frame required to finish the project. Likewise, a good contractor should also give you a fairly solid estimate of how much money you would need to shell out. You may even ask for an itemized list for a thorough understanding of where the money will be spent.

May I take a look at past projects and references?

If the structural repair contractor is actually experienced and has the required expertise, there will be plenty of finished projects showcasing the same. Looking at past projects of the contractor will help you access the quality of their work with your own eyes. Check if your contractor is willing to provide references. This gives you the option of talking to a former client about how happy they are with the work which will help you make an informed decision.

Where to find

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